The West Virginia White Butterfly

One of many invasive plants in Pennsylvania, garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) was introduced on the east coast in the 1860s as a valuable food source and its proclaimed medicinal properties. It has since spread throughout the Northeast and Midwest. This shade-tolerant invasive plant out-competes against native vegetation. It can be especially detrimental at Howard Falls,Continue reading “The West Virginia White Butterfly”

Birds of Howard Falls

Noted ornithologist, John Tautin visited Howard Falls in 2008 to survey bird species as part of the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas update.  John, along with Joan Galli, spent a morning in the deep ravine north of Howard Falls. As part of this survey, 22 species of birds were identified. Notably, a Canada Warbler was spotted.  The warbler is a more northernContinue reading “Birds of Howard Falls”