The Howard Falls Irrevocable Trust

The Howard Falls Trust was created in 1992 by the Howard family to conserve and maintain the Howard Falls region.  The Trust has acquired significant property surrounding the Falls, and manages the general area with the long-term intent to preserve the rural character and limit development. Public access to Trust property is only by permission, and hunting and mechanized vehicles are never allowed.

The deep ravines of the watershed north of Howard Falls are rich in geology and biodiversity.  Access is granted into these areas for scientific study through the Howard Falls Research and Education Endowment. Continued scientific research of the Falls Run Watershed is a priority for the Trust, including future conservation areas of exploration including:

  • Detailed Topographical Survey of the Gorge
  • Lidar/Laser Scan of Howard Falls
  • Study of erosion control and mitigation solutions
  • Documentation of the vegetation/native species and invasive species
  • Survey of road runoff impacts and environmental pollution to the Falls and Gorge

Falls Run is an ecologically important tributary of Elk Creek, located in Erie County, Pennsylvania.  This stream has its origins near the St Lawrence Divide as it crosses Franklin Township in Erie County, PA.  Flowing northerly toward its confluence with Elk Creek, it passes through three Pennsylvania Natural Heritage areas:

These wetlands, riparian habitats, and forest habitats support numerous species of imperiled, vulnerable, and other species of concern in the region.

In continuing to fulfill its mission, the Trust actively seeks to acquire additional properties along the general Falls Run watershed, north from Howard Falls toward its confluence with Elk Creek. Please contact us for more informtation.

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