Birds of Howard Falls

Noted ornithologist, John Tautin visited Howard Falls in 2008 to survey bird species as part of the Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas update.  John, along with Joan Galli, spent a morning in the deep ravine north of Howard Falls.

Red-bellied Woodpecker, Dark-Eyed Junco, and a Northern Cardinal at the Howard Falls birdfeeder

As part of this survey, 22 species of birds were identified. Notably, a Canada Warbler was spotted.  The warbler is a more northern bird; however, it also nests in the higher Appalachians as far south as Georgia. In Pennsylvania, it tends to be found at higher elevations and is scarce in this region.  This one must have liked the cooler microclimate and vegetation of the deep ravine of Falls Run, as they favor shady forest undergrowth in summer and winter.

A male Canada Warbler (via Wikipedia)

The full list of birds identified in the Falls Run Gorge include:

In addition, the loud drumming of the Red-bellied Woodpecker grace the upper rim of the ravine. Primarily a bird of the southeast, this one seems to enjoy the deciduous forest along the ravine. Drumming (hammering against a loud or resonant object) is the woodpecker equivalent of singing and this one likes to make his presence known.

Howard Falls hopes to someday document and photograph each species in their natural habitat of the Falls Run Gorge. And to continue to document all of the flora and fauna that call Howard Falls home.

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